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We are very excited to announce our new service – the management (or creation if you don’t already have one) of your affiliate program. Since we have developed number of customized tools for our existing customers for tracking sales, conversions and other important e-commerce factors, it only made sense to keep working with them on [...]


With the growing demand for internet marketing professionals and services we decided not to accept any new clients for our IT Services as of may 2011. It was not a simple decision but we decided to concentrate on helping clients grow their business via starting and managing their affiliate programs, providing analytics of their visitors, [...]

Expand your reach!

The internet has a potential to reach almost an unlimited number of people. This is a change from the past, where small business were confined to operating just within their local community. Now a small business in Seattle can easily market to and serve customers in Australia or Europe and vice versa.

However not all internet users are your potential customers. That is why it’s very important to target your ads and marketing to those who are. Flexto will help you to identify and profile your customers and setup internet marketing campaigns so they are most cost effective and seen by the people that are most likely to buy from you.

We will help to prominently stand out in the search engine results and give you a leg-up and advantage over your competition. Even if you don’t have a website yet’ contact us today: +1 (425) 214-4977